Innovative technology for a new era in drug development

Clene has a new vision for a pharmaceutical future using therapeutic elements in clean, new nanoforms.


Advanced science to optimize transition elements

Our patented Clean-Surface Nanosuspension™ (CSN) technology produces clean-surface nanocrystals at commercially viable rates. In CSN development, nanocrystal suspensions are created through continuous processes utilizing electrochemistry and plasma physics to produce self-assembled, atomically clean-surface elemental nanocrystals unmodified by the addition of chemical surfactants or surface capping agents. By coupling high-purity metallic donor materials with high-purity water, CSN unlocks the potential of therapeutic nanoparticles and represents a clean break from the standard paradigm of small-molecule drugs and large-molecule biologics.

Small particles to yield big results.

CSN process yields pure Clean-Surface nanocrystals, stably suspended in pharmaceutical-grade water, with no surface-coating chemistry. That’s the simplicity and power of Clean-Surface technology.

Elemental nanotherapeutics developed with CSN

Gold, in the form of small-molecule gold drugs, has a long history as an effective therapy for rheumatoid arthritis. However, an extremely slow onset of action, significant side effects, and the need for monthly injections have, limited the clinical utility of first-generation gold drugs. Clene is creating a new generation of therapeutic gold-based drugs developed with CSN. Clean-surface gold nanocrystal suspensions, without sulfur or phosphorus substituents, may provide a therapeutic advance optimizing patient-friendly therapeutic benefits, and is now in human clinical trials.

Similarly, platinum-based chemotherapy agents, including cisplatin, carboplatin, and oxaliplatin, have been widely used in oncology for over 40 years. However, a profile of severe side effects has limited the application of these drugs. Clene is developing platinum-based Clean-Surface nanocrystal suspensions, which may result in a new generation of more patient-friendly and better-optimized platinum oncology drugs.

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